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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chinese Miracle-2 (Release) MTK/MediaTek v1.07

Chinese Miracle-2 (Release) MTK/MediaTek v1.07 released

MediaTek SP Platform
.Universal NAND support for MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577 released *
.MT6573 support released (Read Info/Read Flash/Format FS)
.MT6575/MT6577 NAND support fixed
.MT6575/MT6577 eMMC support improved
.Repair Security improved

.Flash Pre-Erase revised
.Format FS procedure revised for eMMC phones ( simplified and removed extended settings ) **
.Added support for "Format FS" on non-aligned PMT phones ( Some MT6575 eMMC phones, like - Alcatel, Lenovo and some MT6573 NAND )
.FlashInit improved
.Compile Info extraction improved
.MT6575/MT6577/MT6573 NAND Compile Info extraction enabled
.FlashID database updated

MediaTek FP Platform
.Reset user code operation improved
.FlashId database updated

Some bugfixes and improvements

Notes :
* It is mandatory now make "Read Info" before other operations for NAND phones
** If need full rest ( "Wipe"/"Clean" ) - Set to "0" always. If need preserve some vendor apps - use software defined or own set.
If phone "hang" on logo - do format again with "0" settings.

Official download link: HERE

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