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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Martech update Box III V0.1.2.2269, CLIP update

Latest Update :

- Ford, 6000 CD, 7M5T-14C044-BA by Sony
- Ford, 6000 CD, 7S7T-18C939-BF by Sony
- Renault, EL-1255L-A, 280 600000 4R, 24C16 by Clarion
- KDC-5090B, 24C01 by Kenwood
- Mitsubishi, Navigation System, MZ312960, 93C46 by Mitsubishi
- VW, RNS 315 EU, 3C8 035 279J by Technisat
- VW, RNS 315 EU, 3C8 035 279L by Technisat
- VW, RNS 315 EU, 3C8 035 279R by Technisat
- **************, Traffic Pro, BE-4745, 24C04 by Becker

How to update Box III? Run martech_ams3.exe or download:

Check supported models and functions in demo version:

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