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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.02 Dwonload Here

- USB Flashing improved
MTKx: FlashEngine updated
MTKx: New models supported
RM-1124 (Nokia 108 CN)
RM-1125 (Nokia 220 CN) - under test
RM-1126 (Nokia 225 CN)
RM-1122 (Nokia 130 CN) - under test
RM-1110 (Nokia 215) - under test
RM-1111 (Nokia 215) - under test
RM-1112 (Nokia 215) - under test
MTKx: FlashUpdate package updated to latest version
Lumia Wp8x: USB Boot Repair improved for several V2 "Sahara" models

- UserData operations improved
MTKx: Forensic is ON
Allow extract phonebook from any phone state: dead, damaged etc.
Any "Stuck" , "Hang on logo" and other cases also supported.
It IS NOT possible to restore contacts after FS format and/or Settings Reset
LOW chance to restore contacts after Delete from menu (it depends on phone usage time and many other factors)
Note: Do not try to use this feature for NON-NOKIA phones, it will give zero result. Data in Nokia MTK phones are encrypted.
Supported Models:
RM-944, RM-945 (Nokia 108)
RM-969, RM-970, RM-971 (Nokia 220)
RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043 (Nokia 225)
RM-1035, RM-1036, RM-1037 (Nokia 130)
XG213: Forensic mode improved. Data accuracy improved.

- Service operations improved
WP8x: WP81 Test-Mode Init
Latest WP8 phones uses special packages, which allow to enter in Test- Mode.
Useful for HW testing and checking, when phone can not power on or not work in Normal-Mode.
Test Mode can be run from Alive and Dead modes as well
Test Mode require WIM images, every model uses own images. Manager for them will follow
WP8x: Service mode support improved for WP81. All features, including RPL operations, are supported
WP8x: Fixed "Normal Mode" connection on some phones
MTKx: Test support for RM-1110, RM-1111, RM-1112: Format FS, Read Info, SelfTest

- NaviManager
NaviManager Database updated
All latest WP8, Asha, MTKx firmware included
Lumia WP8 DENIM Release included for most WP8 models
New products supported:
RM-1031: MS Lumia 532[DS] (WP8x)
RM-1032: MS Lumia 532[SS] (WP8x)
RM-1034: MS Lumia 532[SS] (WP8x)
RM-1068: MS Lumia 435[DS LTA] (WP8x)
RM-1069: MS Lumia 435[DS] (WP8x)
RM-1070: MS Lumia 435[SS LTA] (WP8x)
RM-1071: MS Lumia 435[SS] (WP8x)
RM-1110: Nokia 215[DS] (MTKx)
RM-1111: Nokia 215[SS] (MTKx)
RM-1125: Nokia 220[CN] (MTKx)
RM-1126: Nokia 225[CN] (MTKx)

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